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    Posted by lan an on May 3, 2023 at 3:34 am

    Speaking of which, the PlayStation Portable conversion of the game stands up very well against the home console version. However, a few problems with this version are that the new trick system is fairly dependant on the right analog stick (more on that in a moment), a feature which is lacking on the PSP, and the online functionality has gone missing, as well. That said, on the PS5 the online options are comprehensive FIFA 23 coins.

    The online interactive league lets you take your favourite team through real-life fixtures on a week-by-week basis against players from all over the world. Normal two-player friendly matches can also be set up online, and EA’s ‘Online Everywhere’ technology has been integrated with ESPN to provide streaming fixtures, live scores, results, and even podcasts direct to the console. We’ll be testing the online features in depth for the review, so keep an eye out for a full update soon.

    Those with a network adaptor will also thankfully be able to update the team rosters with all the major transfers automatically. With the game released on Sony’s console so close to the final transfer deadlines, there are a few discrepancies in this version of the game and the current real-life teams (the Xbox 360 version should be up-to-date when it launches in October). Ashley Cole made a high-profile move from Arsenal to Chelsea at the beginning of the season but still plays with his former North London teammates in FIFA 23.

    Likewise, Carrick is missing from the Manchester United squad, as are Kuyt and Pennant from Liverpool. In the meantime, a simple transfer system lets you send any player from one team in the game to another at the press of a button. You can also create up to 16 custom players and drop them in the game, so you can add any 17-year-old unknowns that happen to sign to your club during the season and even set up a virtual version of yourself to sit on the bench at your favourite club buy FUT 23 coins.

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